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February 19, 2014

“I enjoy writing male/male erotica so I ask this question to any man who will indulge my curiosity. How does prostate stimulation/orgasm feel as opposed to an orgasm while just masturbating/penis stimulation only?”

My first bunt. I’ve written 39 columns, and had 39 answers; some good, some bad, some ugly, some right, and some wrong. This is the first time that I didn’t have an answer. I wracked by brain and thought about what I would write, and how I would answer this question. Then I thought to myself, “why not go to the experts?” There are several people among my friends who have played with all sorts of different orgasms, so why wouldn’t I just ask them and get their opinion. So, without further ado, for this very special, 40th column, I present to you guest spots!

Bob says: “While the orgasm itself often feels the same as masturbating, it can also be accompanied by the sensation of needing to pee. Sometimes, depending on the length of the cock, and the angle, it can be either pleasant rubbing against the prostate, or it can feel like jabbing, which is not always a pleasurable sensation, but a sensation none the less, and it would depend on how you process, it. For me personally, it often depends on the person I am playing with and our connection, I have only achieved orgasm from being fucked and not stimulating my cock directly, about 5 times, and only with about three different guys. I have been brought to orgasm via fist fucking as well, if the top knows what he’s doing, the orgasm is almost identical as any orgasm achieved through masturbation or fucking, although there can be that brief (usually) sensation of wanting to pee as well, so far that always passes and turns into the actual orgasm.”

Ron adds: “Well those I do it on say it greatly increases the intensity and duration of the orgasm. Not everyone responds to prostrate stimulation in the same way. Most are not aware of the increased stimulation unless someone knows how to find the prostrate or the cock is big enough to stimulate it when fucking.”

Victor gives a different perspective and contributes the following: “It’s very different. Penis orgasms are quick and kind of sharp. Prostate orgasms are slow. They build from inside instead of from the penis and a lot of times this deep burning will start inside you and slowly work it’s way to your penis. The orgasm itself lasts a good 30 seconds or at least feels that way and you just feel your cock leaking tons of pre-come the whole time. Then as slow as it starts it wings down but you’re not done being horny. I generally wanted to keep getting pounded. And I was just covered in cum, but it’s much clearer. I wish I still had those orgasms as easily add I used to.”

Not to be out done, @Kep L. Iko – The Page (who is an aspiring author, which won’t be a surprise after reading his contribution) says: “Well it depends. In my experience there are times when I’ve been so wound up beforehand that when it starts I cum quickly and, although it’s intense, it’s more akin to a wet dream. There’s kind of a low, dull orgasm. Nothing spectacular, but somewhat surprising which is the main thrill. Felt good, but wasn’t memorable.

“BUT, the great ones, which I’m sure erotica would benefit from the most, are the long sessions (not being worked up beforehand, but being worked up BECAUSE of the prostate massage). At first it feels somewhat weird but good – like a rim job – you’re not 100% comfortable, but you let it happen and feel it out. But once you get passed the initial anxiety, you start to enjoy it. Each time the hand, toy, our cock rubs along the prostate it feels like intensity running through your body. I quiver, I feel like I’m orgasming, I want to cum, but it’s only just begun. After a few minutes of intense pseudo orgasmic sensation I start to let my body relax. I’ve been tensed up, toes curled, to this point. I begin to let my guard down, and another wave of anxiety begins because I worry that I’m no longer as “clean” as I began the evening. It’s all in my head, though. Just a normal fear because I’m beginning to let my guard down. A few minutes more and I start to feel waves of relaxing, soothing pressure – like a real massage, but inside. It obviously makes my prostate feel wonderful, but the effect is deeper. My abs tense and relax, my spine straightens and relaxes, chills run down my spine as I think about what’s going on. I begin breathing faster. My tongue and mouth start to dry, I begin hyperventilating slightly. I lick the inside of my mouth to keep it wet. My toes begin curling again. The pressure begins building with each wave. My body shoots waves of sensation and numbness throughout. I begin to arch my back and moan. He takes note of my pleasure and goes harder. Not firm, but rubbing a little faster and in wider circles/strokes. At this point he also starts massaging the taint which causes a gentle tugging at my balls. If he starts to lick my inner thigh at this point, or gently licking my balls/taint I’ll go wild and squirm. But it’s beginning to become overwhelming. The sensation is building. My hands are quivering, my abs are tingling numb, my toes are curled. I start worrying I’ll get a Charlie horse, and I start forcing myself to relax my body, but every time I relax my body is overcome with intense sensations. I’m starting to gasp and moan beyond my control. I can’t stop. It feels so incredible. He starts pausing and resuming just to edge me closer and give me the chance to breathe. If he continues, it starts to get to the point where short, rapid rubbing gets me closer, finally it becomes so intense I can no longer hold it in. My entire body tenses and relaxes, I shoot burst after burst. It flies through the air, covers his face, his hair, his cheek. I just start laughing in ecstasy. My body flushes and I feel completely numb for a moment, then tingly, then as though I’m waking up from the most peaceful and wonderful dream.”

I hope this helps answer your question and gives your fuel for your stories. Thank you to all my guest writers today, much appreciated!

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