January 19, 2015

“I have for years had a deep interest/obsession? with watersports [and man smells, spanking, etc.]. However my experience is limited because it seems to be so hard to find like-minded men. The usual ‘cruising’ web-sites etc. don’t seem to work that well for such specialized desires, nor does the yellow hankie or armband things (I wonder how many gay/bi guys even know about these codes anymore.). Is interest in this kink really so rare? Maybe it is too taboo for most to approach another about. Any suggestions for how & where to meet other pigs (MASCULINE piss tops to be specific)???

“Many of my favorite fantasies involve (forced) drinking, though due to lack of options sometimes my actual experiences have been as giver rather than receiver even though I usually prefer to be submissive sexually. Can you drink too much pee? Also, if ever turned on/mind fucked enough would like to try a big piss enema via a dick up my ass (even having never had any kind of enema before). Of course I am concerned about how it would feel & the safety of it all? The long hoped for ws scenarios & crossover to other kink play are endless…”

If you are not able to find what you’re looking for, with kinks that are so common, I would say that you are not looking hard enough. If you google piss play or water sports, there are several clubs in larger cities that hold get togethers on a regular basis, an others that hold huge events once or twice a year. For the past several years I’ve had the pleasure of attending the Chicago water buddies piss party over IML Weekend in Chicago, a tradition I will have to forgo this year do to other obligations that weekend, but hopefully I can make up for it by going to Wet and Hot, the biggest piss party on the planet, in July.

Every time I wear my yellow hanky out to the bar, I am confronted with at least one person who wants to drink my piss, either straight from the tap or added to his beer bottle. You’re probably doing yourself a disservice limiting yourself to only “MASCULINE piss tops” because when I hear that phrase, a certain body type and personality jumps to mind. Keep in mind that there are many other kinky piss pigs that are willing to get you what you want, some of whom may not meet your strict standards, but are plenty piggy and willing to accommodate your piss dreams.

If you want to get to know other pigs in your area, go on the normal cruising sites and post a gathering that is specifically for piss pigs. Be prepared to supply your guests with plenty of beer, water, and gatorade to help get the party flowing. I would recommend a large and private back yard that can handle all the piss that’s going to flow. Control the guest list by advertising whether or not drugs will be allowed at your event, or whether or not condoms and other safer sex implements will be provided or expected.

The biggest thing that I can recommend to you is that you be proactive in finding those people who share your kink. Wearing a hanky or putting one line in an online profile are all well and good, but they are very passive signals. I recommend approaching people and talking to them, especially if you have reason to believe they share your kink. One of the best pickup lines a person can use on me at a bar: “I like the yellow you’re wearing. Let me know when you need to piss again.”

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