February 28, 2014

“Is Pumping (As in Penis Pump for enlargement) safe? Is it painful? How much can you do, will things return to normal, like a stretched out butt does, or are the effects more permanent? I am hardly a size queen, but to be honest an inch or two more could be gobs of fun, but more for the sensation, (I am hoping), and for bondage \ edge play. As you know, I can never really get quite enough torture, and this is one I have not had a lot of experience with. Once back about 15 years ago, I had one experience, but at the first signs of discomfort, I had the top stop, which now I realize was stupid of me, and today, I would most certainly have continued for at least a time to see what happened next. Thank you for your time, and care with my question.”

I have done some research, and have heard mixed reviews about this practice. The folks who make and sell the pumps say that it’s perfectly safe, and you can do it as much as you want with no permanent damage. Some internet sources claiming to be medical professionals say that it is never safe and there is never a good reason to do it. I think that the safety aspect is somewhere in between. You said that you wanted to use it for edge play, so obviously you know that it’s not 100% safe, but then what in BDSM is?

Unlike a butt hole, the thing you are stretching when you pump is not a muscle. Muscles can be flexible and “retrained” over time to return to their original (or nearly original) shape and size. Pumping, however, uses a vacuum to force blood into the soft spongy tissue of the shaft of the penis at a higher volume and faster than naturally occurs in your body during an erection. Many people who pump keep the blood there by continued use of the vacuum or by using a tight cock ring to prevent the blood from escaping. Any time you draw blood into a part of the body against its natural flow, and hold it there against its will, you are risking damage to your body. There is a potential to burst blood vessels, and bruise your penis; or stretch the cavities in your penis’ soft tissue in such a way that they are impossible to fill naturally again. Many people who have participated in excessive pumping have found that they are unable to get and maintain a natural erection anymore. That’s worse case scenario.

Using moderation when pumping can lead to heightened sexual pleasure. The blood near the surface of your penis will feed the nerve endings there making them more receptive to stimuli, both pleasurable and painful. This means that your BDSM experience and sexual satisfaction of it will be heightened. As long as you are not pumping beyond your physical limitations, or pumping so regularly that all your erections are achieved this way, you should be fine. As far as physical limitations go, the pumping cylinder should fit loosely around your flaccid shaft or snuggly around your erect shaft leaving you room to move and grow but not too much.

Best of luck, and let me know how it goes!

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